How to get an amazing butt and legs!

My man is a legs and butt man which is awesome for me! Gaining and maintaining muscle is something I’ve had to work on for my upper body. So at least I have the legs and butt to make up for it! Its the body part that I am just naturally blessed with despite my Asian genetics of the flat pancake butt ( no offense but you know it’s true! I have a ton of Asian girlfriends who complain to me and want my butt. )

Well ladies it’s very attainable!


The secret??

First get off that butt! Then do these exercises!

Squats-the deeper the better , and there are so many different ways to do squats. Do them all to target and activate all those muscles fibers to tone and lift that butt!

Here are a few:
Squats jumps
Medicine ball kimchi squat
Prisoner squats


Lunges-legs best friend! Lunges really are great leg shaping exercise and also has many variations. Add in weights for more definition!

Forward lunges
Backward lunges
Crisscross lunges
Jumping lunges


Box jumps-challenge yourself and do different size boxes. The higher the box-the more your legs and butt have to work!

Running-you don’t need to run as much as I love to run, but running tones up everything!

Keep in mind the proper form of running-head and chest tall , abs tight, use your arms to help give you momentum to keep going and always soft feet! Your feet strike the ground heel to toe very quietly!

Practice this form to not only improve running but injury. So many run with the incorrect form and they wonder why they get shin splints and other issues.

Also invest in a good pair of shoes! It makes a difference and make sure they fit you!

Peace Love & Muscles

Cyn Nova


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